Learn Kriya Yoga Meditation thru Live Webinars, Video Courses and One to One coaching.

Effective transformational journeys led by a seasoned teacher of Kriya Yoga. New Courses are coming soon.

Yogacharya Donald Abrams will guide you thru live online and recorded sessions to awaken and empower all the steps of the six groups of Kriya Yoga techniques.

All you need to do is simply log in to your personal Kriya Yoga Wisdom account and your enrolled webinar or course will be right there for you to follow.

Yogacharya Donald will share many of his own personal practice tips and insights gained from years of practice and study with realized masters of Kriya Yoga.

When you complete one of the boot-camp or weekly lesson drip courses you will be able to download a guided audio and video of the techniques taught in that course.

One to one private and group coaching sessions are available to personalize and fine-tune your practice.

What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is an awe-inspiring meditation technique and body of knowledge which enables a human being to develop a deeper transcendent experience and perception of their own body, mind and consciousness known as Self-Realization.

Kriya Yoga has a progressive series of six levels of meditation and yoga techniques which consist of simple body movements, breathing techniques and mental concentration techniques.

What are the benefits of practicing Kriya Yoga?

The sincere practice of Kriya Yoga strengthens the physical body and the mind's ability to concentrate.

In a short period of time, as the body and mind become stronger, a profound transformation of inner awareness develops.

This inner awareness enables a practitioner to experience more inner peace and joy which helps them to move through the world with more confidence and calmness.

Starting with First Kriya, each of the six levels of Kriya Yoga techniques individually and together bring about inner transformation and well-being.

With the completion of each level, deeper and deeper blissful mental and spiritual benefits are experienced.

These experiences and perceptions transforms even the novice practitioner into a spiritual master of the highest order.